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A Gameboy/Zelda inspired game about avoiding your destiny. Think of Link's Awakening crossed with The Stanley Parable.

The main objective of this game is to avoid doing the main story quest for as long as possible.

A few side quest examples:

  • A dirty sock filled with money.
  • Going to jail.
  • Waiting endlessly in a doctor's waiting room.
  • Visiting the bureaucratic capital buildings.
  • and more...

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The 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo Demo is available now.

Some notes about the demo:

  • A controller is required for best experience.
  • Specifically designed for an NES style controller.
    • Controller prompts don't update for controller type.
  • This demo was designed to be played on a loud expo floor, so no audio is present.
  • Keyboard inputs:
    • WASD - Movement
    • Comma - A
    • Period - B
    • Space - Start
    • Alt - Select


Non-Quest_PRGE_Demo.zip 7 MB

Install instructions

Unzip anywhere on your computer and play. A game controller is required.

Development log

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