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Our entry for Extra Jam 3! Our Extra Life 24 hour game jam.

The theme was "15 ITEMS OR LESS" - We used less than 15 block types, including colored versions of one block and an alternate version of another.

In this game you rotate isometric play space to match up colored blocks, causing them to slide on ice blocks as they move. All blocks will fall/slide up and to the left.

Included is a level editor. Custom levels are saved as CVS files in the "%localappdata%\extra_jam_3\Levels\Custom_Levels" directory. A shortcut to this folder is included in the distributed zip.

If you make some levels, feel free to email them to us at toast@ilovetojam.com. We are planning to update the game with level packs that include some of our favorites. If you would like to be included in that, please tell us what name you would like to be credited under!

Thanks for playing!

Sprites provided by Kenney.nl

This game was made during a charity event called Extra-Life where gamers raise money for Children's Miracle Network. If you enjoyed playing this, please consider donating to our Extra-Life page.


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